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From Another Side 5A & 5B ( XL Capris / Scribble )

This is a follow on from Sideroom Singles #121 and again another double.

5A ( no relation to the old ABC TV channel )features stuff Gol Gappas, The Go-Betweens, Jack Frost, The Crystal Set, Ups And Downs, Tactics and Yapocks.

5B features Scribble / XL Capris

From Another Side #5A - 
  • St Lucy - Gol Gappas
    Roman ( West 14 b-side ) - Gol Gappas
    Chicken Pox- Gol Gappas
    Clouds ( 7" b side vers ) - The Go-Betweens
    Casanova's Last Words - The Go-Betweens
    Rock and Roll Friend - The Go-Betweens
    Love Is A Sign - The Go-Betweens
    Love Goes On ( Album vers ) - The Go-Betweens
    Providence - Jack Frost
    Even As We Speak - Jack Frost
    Number Eleven - Jack Frost
    Furious Mess - The Crystal Set
    Don't Be Surprised - The Crystal Set
    Who Needs Who Now - The Crystal Set
    Hubble Bubble - The Crystal Set
    Never Ending - Ups And Downs
    The Living Kind - Ups And Downs
    Solitary Man - Ups And Downs
    Pleasant - Ups And Downs
    Should Be Will Be - Tactics
    Cool Night Air - Tactics
    Know It All ( b-side of Coalface vers ) - Tactics
    Body In The Field - Tactics
    Edge Of My Seat - Tactics
    Committee Of Love - Tactics
    Annie Edson Taylor - Yapocks
    Take A Leap - Yapocks

#5A - hear it

From Another Side #5B - 
  • Kaze- Scribble
    Tokyo - XL Capris
    Hi Rise Heart - XL Capris
    Police Exhibit - XL Capris
    Elevator - XL Capris
    World War 3 ( Live Governors Pleasure 1981 ) - XL Capris
    Small Screen Cowboy - XL Capris
    Refrigerator Town - XL Capris
    Dusty - XL Capris
    Killer Seas - XL Capris
    Chains - Scribble
    Laws Of Motion - Scribble
    Mr Calico - Scribble
    It's Blue - Scribble
    Lowdown - Scribble
    Prettiest Smile - Scribble

#5B - hear it


Gol Gappas

On the Singles Blog #121 we heard a later / revamped / remixed version of "Roman", that song originally on the b-side of their "West 14", which is the version we here on this mix today. Also 2 songs from the "Dinner With Nougat" ep - the awesome "St Lucy" and "Chicken Pox".

The Go-Betweens

Then we have some Gobs b-side and album tracks from around the 16 Lovers Lane era - "Casanova's Last Words" from the 12 of "Streets Of Your Town" and "Rock & Roll Friend" from the other side of "Was There Anything I Could Do". "Clouds" & "Love Is a Sign" from the album and because the single version of "Love Goes On" which kicked off #121 is a "remix" of the album track I put the original on. What ?? no "Quiet Heart" I hear you mutter ? Standby on that front, more Gobs coming up on the Singles blog later in the year and I am planning a special Gobs feature "tracing the evolution of the perfect pop song", tentatively titled "From being quite plain in Brisbane to a ( quiet ) quiet heart"..more on that when it happens.

Jack Frost

Then we continue on in a GW McLennan frame of mind, joined by SJ Kilbey - in their Jack Frost guise - with a couple of tracks from their first ( self titled )album as well as "Even As We Speak" from the other side of the 'Every Hour God Sends" 7". By the way more SJ Kilbey solo stuff soon on both this and the Singles blog. Earlier we played "Thought That I Was Over You" ( also on the album ) on Singles #107

The Crystal Set

Then Kilbey bro-ism continues with some b-sides etc - "Don't Be Surprised" on the other side of "Benefit Of The Doubt" ( see also Singles #6 ), "Hubble Bubble" from the other side of 'Wholly Holy" ( #39 ) and "Who Needs Who Now" is a double A on the other side of "From Now On" ( #121 ).

"Furious Mess" was a 7" - and shock I don't have that 7, but it is also on the 12 inch "Cluster" Ep, which is where you hear it from today.

Ups & Downs

Some b-sides etc from Ups And Downs - "Never Ending" from the b-side of the Waterfont version of "The Perfect Crime" ( see Singles #42 ) and "Pleasant" which the b-side of "Moments Away" ( #50 ). Plus two tracks from their "Sleepless" LP - 'The Living Kind" and "Solitary Man"


Lately on the singles blog we've had a few "last period" singles from Tactics - "Turn" ( on #116 ) and "Coalface" ( #121 ) so on this particular mix I thought I'd bring out some more songs froma round that period, ie "The Great Gusto" album as well as from around the "Blue & White Future Whale" era. Previously on the singles blog we have tracks from the earlier Tactics eras, and we'll look at those era another time on this blog ( especially on an upcoming Post_Punk extravangza that's coming soon ).

As far as today goes, from "Blue & White Future Whale" we have "Edge of My Seat", 'Should Be Will Be", "Body In The Field" and also "Know It All", though that song resurfaced on the b-sign of "Coalface" ( along with "Birthday Girl" also on the album ) and the single b-side is where I played the song today. At one one point I was going to play "Football Cards" but didn't think I could explain "Mal Meninga" well enough...

"Cool Night Air" is from "The Great Gusto" and "Committee Of Love" is a single, another double A vibe with "Coat Tails" ( see #37 )


And lastly some Yapocks, another band of Snajik from Tactics, and 2 songs from their ( one and only ) four track ep, earlier on the Single blog we had "Passionfruit Creek" from this ep ( #30 )


Scribble & XL Capris

We had 2 Scribble songs, "Adaptability" & "Alligator" on the Singles Blog #121 , plus some other Scribble and XL Capris in previous posts

#9 - World War 3 - Xl Capris
#37 - Igloos - Xl Capris
#72 - Red Bikini Runaway - Xl Capris
#32 - Silly Girl- Scribble
#43 - Sunday School - Scribble

so I thought I'd dig up some b-sides and album tracks from both bands

Scribble b-sides

We've got "Lowdown" from the other side of "Sunday School", "Mr Calico" from the other side of "Silly Girl" and "Laws Of Motion" which is the other side of "Alligator". A b-sides only except Laws of Motion which is on the "Pop Art" album.

XL Capris b-sides

"Dusty" is the other side of "World War 3" and Elevator is the b-side to "Igloos". I didn't include "K-Tel City" from the b-side of "Red Bikini Runaway' because my copy has too many jumps in it...sorry.

XL Capris LP tracks

From the first album "Where is Hank ?" it's "Refrigerator Town", "Hi-Rise Heart" and "Police Exhibit", the latter somehow I don't think Wills and Kate visited on their recent trip to the Easter Show !

From the 2nd album "Weeds" it's "Tokyo", "Killer Seas" and "Small Screen Cowboy".

Scribble LP Tracks

Three from the Scribble self titled mini LP - "Kaze", "Chains" and "It's Blue". I'm not sure what's going on with the weird phasing / mastering on It's Blue. Kaze with help from Ricky Tanaka, he of "Nippy Rock Shop" fame on 2JJJ and also of the band "Guido & Yakatori Go To The Barber" ( along with someone else who I'm sure wishes to remain anonymous )

Then shock horror I have had to resort to a CD copy of the Pop Art album ( disgraceful I know , because my vinyl copy was destroyed in the great "loss" of 2008 ( as described here ), so this CD is actually the re-issue on Almacantar, from which we hear "Prettiest Smile".

This lovely ancient cassette was recorded off air 2JJJ on 13-2-1981, and it's a live version of "World War 3", the rest of the tape is in pretty bad condition and virtually unplayable - on this side at least, the other side is a live to air from Sunnyboys ( a week previous ) and a lot of that plays quite well and I'm sure that will get a run at some point. ( The sticker with the 3 is a new one and I'm starting to make an attempt to catalogue some of my cassettes as I go through them, mostly for this blog. This is a very daunting task because there's so many of them )

Another Mr Calico

And finally a stray cat who has well and truly adopted this household...he's probably more a Tortico than Calico though I am told. 

He's game hunter too ( in his own mind at least ).

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