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From Another Side 4A & 4B

Again another double, following up on the Singles Blog #120, plus some other similar bands & related ( earlier ) blog posts from the Singles blog.

From Another Side #4A - Result Records label
  • Man And Machine - The Jukes
    No Time - The Jukes
    We All Know By Now - The Jukes
    I'm Bored - Silent Movies
    Hot Spot - Silent Movies
    Girl Upstairs - Silent Movies
    Dead To The World - The Motivaters
    Slipping - The Motivaters
    Coming Up - The Motivaters
    Kicks ( 'Top Of The Class' version ) - The Motivaters
    So Scared ( Album version ) - The Motivaters
    At This Point In Time ( 7" b-side ) - The Motivaters
    Just Don't Care ( Album version ) - The Motivaters
    I Wanna Be A Millionaire - The Eighty Eights
    You're Gonna Get What's Coming To You - The Eighty Eights
    Tragic Accident - The Eighty Eights

From Another Side #4A - hear it


From Another Side #4B - early 80's 'Oz Rock' & New Wave
  • Star System 5 ( Album version ) - Ward 13
    Robot Wizards ( Ep Version ) - Ward 13
    Robot Wizards ( Demo vers, off air 2JJ ) - Ward 13
    Electric Detective - Ward 13
    Time We Live ( 7" b-side version ) - Ward 13
    Look Inside Yourself - Outline
    Sleep - Outline
    Stay With Me - Outline
    It's A Living - Outline
    Committed - The Eyes
    Bent On Repair - The Eyes
    Bluegrass Radio - The Eyes
    Get It Strait ( 7" b-side version ) - The Eyes
    Snapshots - The Eyes
    Coming Home ( original 7" b-side vers ) - Little Heroes
    Pretty Shadow - Little Heroes
    She Says ( Album Version ) - Little Heroes
    India Was Calling Me - Little Heroes
    Machine - Vixen
    Do It Again - Vixen
    Short Memory - Vixen
    Money Won't Run ( 7" b-side version ) - Ves 8
    Love In A Vacuum ( 7" b-side version ) - Ves 8
    Nice ( 7" b-side version ) - Ves 8
    Lorralei - Ves 8
    Like A Ghost ( 12" Extended Version ) - Ignatius Jones
    Brave New World - Jimmy And The Boys
From Another Side #4B - hear it

4A --- bands on the Result Records label - 

This one features bands & music from the Result Records, a short lived semi-indie label released through Polygram Australia and run by Sebastian Chase ( who had previously managed Dragon and later ran the Chase label ).

The starting point is the 3 singles on this label that appeared on #120 from The Motivaters, The Eighty Eights and Silent Movies and previous releases on this label that have popped up along the way

#48 - The Motivaters "After The Fall"
#64 - The Jukes "Driving Me Crazy"
#89 - The Eighty Eights "She Fell In Love In With James Bond"
#89 - The Jukes "Don't Put Me Away"
#94 - The Motivaters "Summer"
#106 - The Eighty Eights "Everybody Wants You Tonight"
#106 - Colin Stead "Wheels Of Love"

Kicking off this mix with The Jukes / Silent Movies

the latter being the name change sometime around early 1981 ( the exact reason I have forgotten, no doubt to avoid confusion with others who had a similar name as The Jukes at the time ). Today we start with The Jukes "Man And Machine", actually the a-side of this single, for some reason when I originally blogged this 7" way back in 2007 I chose to play "Drivin' Me Crazy", the b-side from this ( 3 track ) ep. Then it's "No Time", the b-side to "Don't Put Me Away", followed by "We All Know By Now" one of the songs from the split ( debut ep ) callled "The Top Of The Class" which The Jukes shared with The Motivaters ( more on them later ).

Then it's the band under the later moniker of Silent Movies, firstly with "I'm Bored" which is the b-side to the single of "Can't Say No". Then we have 2 songs from the "Moving In Circles" album. 

Which brings us to The Motivaters and we have some album tracks here from their self titled - and only album ; "Dead To The World", "So Scared" & "Just Don't Care", and though the song "At This Point In Time" is on the album I played it today from the b-side of the "New Blood" single. There is also one of the songs ( "Kicks" ) from the aforementioned "Top Of The Class" ep they shared with The Jukes. There's also 2 b-side songs "Slipping" & "Coming Up" which are from the other side of "After The Fall".
The other band on this label was The Eighty-Eights, today we have some b-side tracks - "I Wanna Be A Millionaire" is one of four songs on the "Live Pop" ep, recorded live ( and the bands debut release ) and 'You're Gonna Get What's Coming To You" from the b-side side of "She Fell In Love With James Bond". And we finish off with a track from their "Top Of The World" album.  

4B --- 80's Oz Rock & New Wave

Again this one starts off with related to songs on #120 - from Little Heroes, Vixen, Outline, Ward 13 & Jimmy And The Boys, and then I thought I'd chuck in some other similar era bands like The Eyes and Ves 8, both of whom have made appearances on the Singles blog over the years. So other than those on #120 we've previously had -

The Eyes on #49, #86 and #106
Ves 8 on #89, #106 and #112
Little Heroes on #73 and #106
Vixen on #49 and #106
Outline on #49 and #88
Ward 13 - on #106

Starting this second mix with Ward 13, firstly "Star System 5", the version from the album "Flash As A Rat" - another version of that song was on their debut 12 Ep "Robot Wizards".Speaking of Robot Wizards we hear 2 versions of it today - firstly the officially released vinyl, later released in Germany and it's from the German version I'm playing the song today ( that's the browny looking one in the photo, the black and silver version is the Aussie version ). I played the German version because I prefer how its sounds - they are the same mixes / versions but the mastering sounds better. The original Aussie was mastered with some new at the time weirdar*e mastering process called "Maxicut" which to my ears makes the record soound thin and lacking in some areas. Possibly they hadn't worked out how to best use this new process and they thought they'd try it out on Ward 13's debut ep. The Germans obviously cut new masters over there, all of which is my reasoning for playing that version in lieu of the Aussie version.

Anyway after that digression....the 2nd version today of Robot Wizards is the original demo tape version, taken from an off-air recording from 2JJ - yes Double Jay - circa late 79 / very early 80 from show called "Fridoz", a weekly Friday night Australian music show, running from 10pm-2am, hosted by the likes of Suzanne Dowling, Pam Swain and sometimes Sammy Collins ( she is on the tape today ) - essential listening for me as a ( disjointed and spotty ) young teenager stuck out in the 'burbs. The quality of the cassette is a bit shaky but you'll understand.

Then finishing off the Ward 13 section today with 2 others from "Flash as A Rat", though I physically played "Time We Live" from the b-side of the "Slow Dancer" single.

Next up is a little adventure with Outline, starting with 2 b-sides "Look Inside Yourself" ( the other side of "Cities" and produced by Peter Dawkins ) plus "Sleep" from the b-side of "How Can I Get Out".

After that we have "Stay With Me" from their "Maybe It's A Game" album and then a live track "It's A Living" which is from a bonus 12" 4 track ep that came with the album.

Then it's time for some album tracks and b-sides from The Eyes. Their album was called 'Tube Vision" and "Committed", "Bent On Repair" and "Get It Strait" are all on it, though I played the latter from the other side of "City Livin". "Bluegrass Radio" is from the b-side of 'Riding In My Favourite Car" and "Snapshots" is the other side of the "Black and White" single

Little Heroes are up next with some tracks for their self titled debut album - "Pretty Shadow" and "India Was Calling Me". The song "She Says" was re-recorded for this album ( we hear that today ), the original version of the song was the band's first single and we also hear the b-side of that record today "Coming Home"

Three b-sides from Vixen follow, having featured all the a-sides at various times, I'd thought I'd flip them over.

By the same logic it's 3 b-sides from Ves 8 as well as a track from their Vesania LP ( though all the songs are in fact on the album )

Lastly it's a track from the Jimmy & The Boy's Teddy Boy's Picnic album ( which "Mirror Mirror" was a single from )and because we had the 7" of "Like A Ghost" on #103 I thought I'd drag out the ( Australian ) 12" Extended Mix. 

All for now, see you next time...

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