Monday, 28 April 2014

From Another Side #6

Back with anothery, this time following up on the songs and bands that appeared on the Sideroom Singles Blog #122 and #123, plus a few others from earlier appearance from some of the bands, plus a spurious link with Brisbane bands and My Three Sons...given I found stuff by them when I was searching for material for this one.

From Another Side #6 - 

  • The Words That - The Fizzbombs
    Watermeadow Dream - The Cudgels
    Hear My Please - The Cudgels
    As Fresh As Monday - The Odolites
    Watch The Walls - The Bats
    Believe in Me - The Throb
    I Know I'm Nothing Special To You - The Williams
    Roundabout - Esmerelda's Kite
    You Worry Me - The Fizzbombs
    Test Pilot - The Fizzbombs
    Blue Swimmer - The Fizzbombs
    A Stranger Calls - Even As We Speak
    Tender Object - The Odolites
    A Lower Class Of Heaven - The Climb
    After Hours - Who The Hell Does Jane Smith Think She is
    A Dream - The Prudes
    Californiagirls - The Saturday People
    The Boy Who Crossed The Street - St James Infirmary
    Summer Colours - Cudgels
    Call It What You May - The Odolites
    I Guess I'm Going - The Screaming Believers
    Green Bottle - The Tripps
    Blackout - Soggy Porridge
    Broken Romance - Soggy Porridge
    You've Changed ( live ) - Soggy Porridge
    City Opera - The Fishermen
    Sometimes The Night - Catchcry
    Congratulations - Catchcry
    radio interview about Catchrcy / Correct label 2SER-FM circa 1985
    So It Goes - Gone To China
    Ronald's Got A Raygun ( demo ) - My Three Sons
    Walkaway - My Three Sons

#6 - hear it

We have a heap of other sides / ep tracks from those played on #122 and #123, ie from The Climb, The Saturday People, The Throb, Who The Hell Does Jane Smith Think She Is, Even As We Speak, Gone To China, The Fishermen, The Tripps, The Bats, Luke Warm Weather and The Prudes. The Screaming Believers song comes from the Greasy Pop ep featured on #122, another Adelaide band.

Then it's a few Cudgels songs, "Hear My Please" the other side of "Joybang!" and then an earlier single "Watermeadow Dream" from a three way split ep ( we played the Dufflecoats song from this on #61 ) and also a track "Summer Colours" which is from the "Waaaah! CD" comp. A few more Cudgels tracks in the very near future by the way, both here and on the Singles blog.

"You Worry Me" by The Fizzbombs is from the split ep with Jesse Garon & The Desperadoes ( ala #122 ),plus we also look back to earlier appearances by The Fizzbombs - "The Words That" is the other side of "Sign On The Line ( #82 ) and the other two songs are from "The Surfin' Winter Ep" ( see also #84 )

Three songs from The Odolites, the other side of "Kathleen's Tantrum" ( #122 )"Call It What You May" plus "Tender Object" which comes from the 7" ep "The Users Club" ( featuring also Sea Stories, Jacks World & An Ordinary Field - see #53 ) and "As Fresh as Monday" one of two songs on the other side of "Chimes" ( see #31 )

Another couple of the "other track" on a split flexi type arrangement on #122 .... St James Infirmary who shared with Sunflowers and The Williams who shared with Esmerelda's Kite, plus the otehr track from the latter on this 3-tracker

LA few from Soggy Porridge to follow up on "How Can I Tell You" on #123 - two songs from the NZ Mini LP comp called "Slurp Track" and a live song from the Lp version of "Live At The Wireless", the song "You've Changed" recorded at the Sydney Trade Union Club on 25.7.83 for 2JJJ. 

Then we have a few tracks by Catchcry - "Sometimes The Night" ( the other side of "Blueprint #9", see Singles Blog #104 ) and "Congratulations" the other side of "Climitization" ( #123 ), the latter being on the Correct label. Somehow whilst cassette trawling I found a radio interview about this record label with Rosemary Blight from the label ( well she was from Hot Records as a matter of fact and Correct was tied in with Hot. Also popping up on the interview is Andrew Leitch from Catchcry ( at one stage in The Riptides ). It's from 2SER-FM from sometime in 1985, on the show called Zootime - the host on this particular morning was Leah Haynes ( sounding a bit hazy around the edges, understandable given this show used to broadcast early Saturday morning )

Then finally while sniffing around in the cassettes I found a classic demo tape from Brisbane band My Three Sons called "Ronald's Got A Raygun" and wanted to play it ( and also chucked in an album track from their LP "Wages Of Sin". The demo track is from another 2SER air check ( and on a crap quality cassette ) so technically a bit suss, but happy to blog it because it was an awesome demo doing the traps around SER circa 1986


  1. Duuuuuuuude. Mike from Brooklyn. Me = so into all your podcasts. perfect tracks- all of them. always.

  2. Hi Bruce you should post some more demo tapes. Thanks, Alan.