Tuesday, 10 December 2013

From Another Side

This blog is a companion to the Sideroom 7" Singles blog, featuring b-sides, album / 12" / cassette tracks, alternative versions, etc by the artists played on the Singles blog.

Not sure why I didn't think of this 7 years ago when I started the other blog...but there ya go.....

Mostly to play some b-sides ( or even the a-side in those times that I played the b-side to start with ), also to dig out ( of the collection / "archive" ) some other songs by the artists and actually play them and let people hear them ( these things are meant to be heard after all and no point them just sitting around my house doing nada ).

Lots to catch up on ( ie 117 previous 7" Singles posts thus far ) so as far as choice it might seem somewhat unstructured - though as a starting point I began looking through for extra tracks connected the most recent posts.

As with everything - enjoy it for what it is :)

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