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From Another Side #1

From Another Side #1
  • Day At The Beach - Birds of Tin
    Inside Fire - Tiny Town
    Found A Cause - Tiny Town
    System and Automation ( unreleased ) - Pel Mel
    Daylight - Pel Mel
    Blind Lead The Blind ( 7" ) - Pel Mel
    Pandemonium ( 12" ) "Long Version" - Pel Mel
    Restless - Four Gods
    Under The Wings Of - Frontier Scouts
    Out Of Your Shell - Frontier Scouts
    Careless ( semi official demo ) - The Go-Betweens

    The Children of Sombre Town - Dorian Gray
    Priceless Dream - Dorian Gray
    Some People - Idiom Flesh
    Ritual - Idiom Flesh
    Holiday - Idiom Flesh
    Ecliptic Mirrors - The Young Docteurs
    Running From The Heart - The Young Docteurs
    Mind Your Throats - The Young Docteurs

    Walking - The Cry
From Another Side #1 - hear it

"The Day Of The Docteurs" ???

nah....just wanted to use that bad pun...but seriously here's what went down..

We've had a bit of Tiny Town lately ( on #117, #114 and way way way back on #8 ) so I thought I'd play "Inside Fire" from their ( only ) album "Little Tin God" as well as "Found A Cause" from the "No Place Like Rome" 12" Ep.

Tiny Town were expat Aussies living in the UK, Peter Loveday ( voc & guit ) started life in Brisbane in Birds of Tin, who after a bit of underground buzz - with the usual Brisbane accolade of the time of "being like The Go-Betweens - released a 100 only cassette in 1981 called "Same Both Sides"... as far as I know I don't have that cassette, and I say it like that because the boxes and boxes of cassettes in this house are the last great un-pioneered frontier and who knows what's in there, however a track from this cassette did also come out on the Fast Forward Cassette Magazine ( Issue #11 ) - from whence cometh today's track 'Day At the Beach"

The beautiful creature that is - a Fast Forward Cassette Mag ( this is #11 )

There's a good article here on The Licorice Lounge blog about Birds of Tin.

We've also had some Pel Mel lately on #116 - ie the 7" version of "Pandemonium", so I thought I'd pull out the 12" and play the long version of that and on #114 there playing the song Water, which was in fact the b-side to a 7" of "Blind Lead The Blind",  that song also found on their first album "Out Of Reason" ( which I'll play stuff from another time ). 

We also hear from their 2nd album today "Persuasion" with the song "Daylight". However......we kick off the bracket of four Pel Mel songs with an unreleased song called "System & Automation", courtesy of Phil at No Night Sweats.

Other recent repeat offenders are more Brisbanites - Frontier Scouts & Four Gods ( both bands of Andrew Wilson ), "Out Of Your Shell" the b-side to Frontier Scouts "When Daddy Blew His Top" ( on #108 ), while the other Frontier Scouts track today being from their 12" ep called "Museum Collection". 

Four Gods is Andrew's previous band, and "Restless" is is the other side ( it's double A ) of Enchanted House - as featured on #117...and as mentioned on that post this 7" features musical assistance from Lindy & Grant from The Gobs ( Grant under the alias of 'Candice' )...which leads me directly to -

This album "Very Quick On The Eye = Brisbane 1981" is usually called a "semi official bootleg" ( I guess that means the band were cool with it * ) and is basically studio recordings of demos for the "Send Me A Lullaby" album...which is way cool actually !! from that we hear an early / demo version of "Careless"

* update on this - having just read the latest edition of David Nichols' book 'The Go Betweens', it says this album was released by Keith Glass from Missing Link Records, without the bands consent ( and knowledge ), but due to contractual arrangements with Send Me A Lullaby seems it was perfectly legal for him to do so...

Then we are off down south to Melbourne with Dorian Gray and a few extra tracks from them, after their single "The Emperor's New Clothes" popped up on #117. Both songs on today's mix are from Fast Forwards - "The Children of Sombre Town" was a demo that appeared on FF #5 - the spunky beast pictured to the right and "Priceless Dream" comes from our old friend FF #11 ( see adoring photo above ), this particular song an outtake from the same session as The Emperor's New Clothes ( and it's b-side "Bloodlust" )

Back to Old Sydney Town after that with 3 from Idiom Flesh. "Holiday" again another double A, the other side to the 7" is "It" ( which got an airing on #117 ), "Ritual" is a live track recorded at 2JJJ as part of their "Live At The Wireless" series ( and taken from the album comp ) and "Some People" comes from their "Inheritance" 12" ep & sorry about the jumps on this one - tried every trick I know to get it play over the skips to no no avail.

The Young Docteurs, ex Canberra , ie  from "our nations capital", have made a few appearances, most recently with the single "Around" on #113, but also yonks ago on #47. I thought this was a good time to play some songs of theirs from different eras - "Ecliptic Mirrors" from 1979 and the Dull Ep, "Running From The Heart" a Cameron Allen production from 1983 on the semi-indie semi-Festival label Resistance ( and on a 3 track 12" ep ) and finally from 1985 and "Mind Your Throats" one of 2 songs on the other side of the Around 7" ( also on Resistance ).

And finally a good old fashioned b-side, from The Cry, "Walking" being the other side of "Desert Child" - another one from #117

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